Hello, and welcome to the (most likely) rather eccentric blog of home educating teenagers from Ireland!
Run by Elenor and Amy (show blog’s over here), we are a blog of contributions from any teens (and kids and adults) have things to say about home education, life learning, Unschooling, Homeschooling or whatever you may wish to call it!

About the contributors:


I, am a fifteen-year-old nature/music/art/writing/photography fanatic. I live my life walking in the mountains, getting overly excited about trees, lying on the ground photographing mushrooms, singing with my guitar, selling jewellery, planning my life as an environmental activist and doing other, decidedly awesome things. I went to school for two years but this year I left so that I could live my life now instead of waiting for school to finish.


An adventurous,bubbly, poor pun wielding, Webcomic mega-fan, 15 year old girl. I probably have a double persona, the girl who reads, studies, brainstorms projects and does interesting sports and hobbies. then there’s the top class trolling(the internet kind), straight foreword, binge watching, ice cream guzzling, sleep for a week kind of lazy bum. Most of the times I’m a mix of both! oh, and I can’t spell(spell check is my life!).


We’d love for anyone to help us contribute this blog, so if you’re interested in submitting anything (anyone is welcome, not just teen self learners in Ireland!), whether it’s a post about how much you love (or not) learning without school or if it’s a rant on your passions, anything goes! We’d love to spread the word about home education and self directed learning, and it’d be great if you were interested in either sending in a one time article or joining us as a contributor/editor. Our email is hschoolingteens@gmail.com so please contact us!


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