Homeschooling is completely tailored to each individual, and because I can not predict who you are and what your particular requirements are, I’ve split this page into 6 topics; Social, Learning, Exams, Growing up, Parents and Other, Each one with a list of websites, books etc..


Although 100% not a necessity, exams can be helpful. They can bring in structure, a sense of progress and most importantly can be very rewarding.


I’ve put Exams and Learning separate because this is an infinitively large subject. Even just removing one aspect makes it just a little easier to write about. I’m going to try and cover everything I possibly can, but its a big one so suggestions are super welcome.


There is no reason that homeschooling means your social life has to pay, but a little bit more effort has to be put in. Without the boundaries of a school environment, you don’t have to see the people you don’t want to and can find more people with similar interests, but its just as easy to not see anyone for weeks(happens ALL the time for me!).


In this Section i want to cover 2 things; resources for parent who home school or are thinking of homeschooling kids, and Kids/Teens who want to persuade their parent into homeschooling. Both big and important topics. VERY important.

Growing up

Really got to give this page a better name, like “How to become an adult and not suck at it”. I think this title describes perfectly how I feel, but it’s probably not exactly what I’m looking for. Hopefully you get the gist of what its about, and even though I’m 15 so probably not an expert at being mature and stuff, I’ll do my best to fill this chapter in.


Really just for cool, fun, serious, legal, crazy bits and bobs that may have some relation to homeschooling, or just need to be heard.


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