If the blog title doesn’t give it away, this new blog is basically about free-spirited teens running rampant through the streets of Dublin city, tearing down the walls of the defined roads ahead of us, and running free into the pains and possibilities that lie deep in the jungles of the real world. whether that Jungle literal or metaphorical, we are those who want, will or have dived into a world of self learning and hope.

Or at least that what we want it to be.

At this current moment this tiny glimmer of a blog is merely 3 teenage girls living in Dublin,who have done away with the boundaries of attending a “proper school”, although it’s peaceful and exciting all at once, we have found that for the few that have, very little of what self learning can become, just isn’t happening. As a new Home Schooler myself I find that if I look hard enough i might find what I’m looking for, but the loop holes to get there are small and few. Sometimes it feels like i have to cut through many years of stupidity to get basic goals accomplished as an under aged individual.

However I’m getting off topic. We’d like to get together a group of teenagers in Dublin who are Self Learning to create a site full of resources and information for those Home schooling or looking in that direction. We’d love to be able to make the transition from school to home Ed as easy as possible, as well as a social one too! i find that the sole down side to home schooling is that as teens, sometimes we can become a bit socially deprived. Now that doesn’t mean I’m forever alone, sometimes I’m busy and bustling with clubs and friends and projects ( this blog for starts!), but i wish from 8-4 I had more to do. it can be soooo lonely! sure you can draw of go swimming or go hiking or…or…or…or. the list goes on. It’s just sometimes you find yourself with a very long ummmm. It’s almost like even though I don’t attend my old school, I’m still locked on to their schedule

Going of topic again…..

We’d like to make Home Schooling easy to start, socially superior and crazy fun times!! However, there is a limit to the knowledge of 3 teenagers, and we’d love some support from anyone within Ireland or abroad, who is or has previously home schooled for Ideas and contributions that you feel will benefit young, budding self learners we’d love your feedback ans support. If your Currently in the Dublin area, home schooling and would like to be a part of this blog we’d love to hear from you as to what you want to achieve and accomplish as a self learner.